Why Asterisk Solutions Dubai Is the Best

By on May 7, 2017

For any business to be a success in terms of proper functioning of every branch or department, communication is of utmost importance. The role that communication plays can be made use of by adopting the office PBX (private branch exchange) technology.

About Asterisk Solutions, Dubai

One such Dubai based IP provider is the Asterisk PBX system, called the Asterisk Solutions, Dubai. A wide variety of features are provided by Asterisk to enhance communication within a firm or a business. Apart from the basic functionalities provided by any IP provider, Asterisk supports voice calls over various other protocols like IP SIP and AIX. Modifications can be made to the provided services by inclusion of relevant programs, for example, speech recognition. A tariff or a dialing plan can be chosen under Asterisk, as per customer needs; plans supporting all possible types of applications associated with telephony around the globe.

Inter-network Integration

Asterisk has always been making it a point to get along with other available networks in the market and this approach has brought about a revolution in the telecom sector. Inter-network integration is one thing not every IP provider wants, but under the Asterisk PBX system, it is being encouraged because that is one possible way of expanding the horizons in the telecom industry.

Services provided by Asterisk

Various services of Asterisk Solutions in Dubai include installment, maintenance, setting up of various voicemails, language dialogues along with mailboxes, configuration of statistical functions, integration with traditional fax facilities and also, professional support to the customers. Asterisk has its own set of mobile phones along with respective ISDN cards for customers. There is a unique additional provision of getting individual solution on behalf of the Asterisk PBX system.

In the current market of office OBX system, Asterisk Solutions, Dubai stands out because of certain advanced options and facilities that it provides to it users. It can be argued the Asterisk has been a turning point, from where on, the advanced communication network can be seen. Basically, with the aim of providing a quicker, more reliable channel for communication in businesses with a transparent approach, Asterisk Solutions is undoubtedly the best among the existing IP providers in the market.

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