What Goes On When Artificial Intelligence Works Too Good – Costs Profits?

By on January 27, 2017

Most corporations today are searching at methods to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies to higher their main point here, to usher in more revenue, suggest purchases to new and dependable customers, and also to help streamline the availability chain. AI obviously, works great for all individuals things, regrettably it sometimes works too good. What goes on when AI determines the customer ought to be being economical money or otherwise acquiring the product or services whatsoever? Hmm, you believe – well, since I have piqued your curiosity, allow me to provide you with among the first big types of this that I have stumble upon in planning this short article.


The thing is, there is a fairly interesting piece in Forbes on Feb 19, 2017 entitled “MD Anderson Benches IBM Watson In Setback For Artificial Intelligence In Medicine,” by Matthew Herper which mentioned:

“Their bond between IBM and among the world’s top cancer research institutions is failing. The work is on hold, MD Anderson confirms, and it has been since late this past year. MD Anderson is positively requesting bids using their company contractors who might replace IBM later on efforts. And report from auditors in the College of Texas – project cost MD Anderson greater than $62 million but didn’t meet its goals. The report, however, states: “Results mentioned herein shouldn’t be construed being an opinion around the scientific basis or functional abilities from the system in the current condition.”

Hmm? Well, how can we interpret it? Do you use it or otherwise? As it happens it truly works well, too well maybe. In the end when the Artificial Intelligent Watson diagnosis areas as non-cancerous or offers simple procedures to prevent it, or renders it a benign and trivial tumor, then your hospital can’t charge for costly procedures like Chemotherapy, etc. Consider that for any second, it really works too well and hurts profits.


Further, IBM’s Watson costs lots of money and today there are more market entrants that may perform the same factor for a lot less, all individuals other computer company vendors require is the information to set up, to complete exactly the same factor, and also the AI medical realm gets competitive it appears. The precision of IBM Watson was right 90% of times, much better than human doctors, with human doctors dealing with IBM’s Watson, the precision rate rises to 95% plus.

Where else might this happen? Well, let’s say a business is leasing AI services after which management asks the AI system where they are able to save costs, and also the AI system informs the executives to make use of less AI services or switch vendors to save cash? Or suggests an answer for any large transportation company – a logistics streamlining strategy which does not need AI, because it is already the best possible way? When the AI is honest it might find itself deleting the requirement for its services, also it if avoids suggesting something of that nature, it’s possible misrepresenting the very best interests of their customers – think about this.

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