SuiteCRM vs. Fatfree CRM

By on June 16, 2017

SuiteCRM is a fantastic opportunity for the folks who need to enhance the business by regularly updating the application forever. In addition to this, it can easily access your data and provides a fantastic framework for using in a business requirement. It is based on cloud and impetrates with the database management system to get on practical experience. Of course, this meets essential marketing aspects that deserve the information to keep across official results forever. It nowadays deals with information and archives of someone who enter the system. It offers incredible screen adjustment that takes a further approach for doing work accordingly. Therefore, this makes the process to complete with advanced collaboration work to handle with a scope and arranging business factors in it. Moreover, it is highly focusing on the customers to bring forth business and achieve with the biggest prospects.

Features of SuiteCRM

When comes to features, the Free SuiteCRM hosting offers different techniques on giving best solution for gathering customer’s reputation to the business. Most features are picking several options to undertake the business for best improvement process done to the network forever. Based on the sales automation features, marketing automation functions, and collaboration features, it has taken to creating and marketing the new leads for your company without any hassle.

  • Campaign management
  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Customer’s database
  • Document Management
  • Mail Merge
  • Case Management


It is designed by Fatfree CRM and let the business owners use this as best application for business leads. However, this is fully organized by a professional business that applies to any business to undertake it. In addition to this, it provides a good relationship with the management to enhance equally. It is providing good customers relationship management which has been used in Ruby on Rails. It has many features that are going to lead the platform by giving opportunity tracking for the company. Of course, it is reliable software that enhances better customer relationship management to decide with no fee structure.

This software is suitable for small business and offers benefits on only giving IT solutions and others. Within limited budgets, the users are taking benefits from this software and functions according to the customer relationship management platform. Besides, it is named as open source software which consists of standard software for business enhancement. So, you are provided with the best automation features that discover by relationship management prospects forever. It extracts the source code for business especially useful for SuiteCRM plugins platform. Therefore, this software aims to provide better relationship with the customers to enhance business accordingly.

Features of FatfreeCRM:

Most features are reliable and hence allow the users to install this software for maintaining robust CRM platform with them. So, it provides sales rep and close deals that discover with the amazing features installed so far in this newly designed software.

  • Email Marketing
  • Mail list Management
  • Quote Management
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Tracking
  • Workflow Rules and Management
  • Customer self-service portal


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