Improve Zen Cart Performance With These  Awesome Tips

By on June 6, 2017

Creating a website is not a big deal. Anyone with sound knowledge of computer can easily do it. So, e-commerce retailers are facing a tough competition when it comes to earning the trust of the internet shoppers.

There are several platforms on which you can create your e-commerce website. Zen cart is one of them. If you are using the Zen cart as your e-commerce website’s platform, then it is must for you to take necessary and appropriate steps to run the business smoothly because the competition is very high.

Customers are never going to read the complete policies, they only judge you on the behalf of what they see and experience from your website. So, it is must for you to have an optimized Zen cart website. Here are some tips and strategies that help you in improving the performance of your Zen cart website.

Choose a responsive design

Shoppers come from all sorts of digital devices. No matter which electronic device (smartphones, tablets, computers) they are using, your website should be responsive. It should be able to adopt any kind of device. Most of the businesses fail in providing responsive designs and lose their potential clients.

Sometimes the text is too large to read and we need to scroll down over and over or sometimes it is too small that it makes almost impossible for us to read. This is an example of bad responsive designs.

So, make sure to have a responsive design that guarantees, all customers will be able to view your website and improves the chances of conversion. Zen cart has a collection of huge responsive design template packages for free.

Add social sharing button

Many time it happens that you like a product and want to share it with your friends and others but you do not find a way to do so. And as a business owner, you lose a great opportunity because people believe what others are sharing. You can simply add zen cart social sharing plugin on your Zen cart website and can improve traffic and leads.

Install Google Analytics

Tracking of whatever effort you are putting on your website is important. Google analytics is an important tool which helps you to track each and every activity on your website. It provides extremely valuable information that helps you in improving your business strategies by providing you deep insights on what are products customers looking for the most, where are they facing problems etc.

Simplify Checkout process

If a user finds your website and browses your products, at least provides an easy check-out. Most of the sale drops down because of the complex check-out process. So, make it as easy as possible.

These are some of the best practices to improve performance of your Zen cart e-commerce website.


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