Best Field Data Collection App – Review

By on May 29, 2017

For many organizations, field data collection is an integral part of running a business. If you’re looking for the best one, here’s a review of what factors you’ll want to consider when you scout around for the right field data collection software for you and your team:

Purpose of the data

The CDC provides a handy checklist for choosing ideal data collection methods and starts it out with this handy bit of advice. It works well, whether you’re a scientist on the field or a marketing agent in sales. The first thing you’ll need to do is determine what your goals are. Do you want to improve efficiency? Streamline your processes? Knowing the reason for why you’re getting data in the first place will make it easier to pick the best field data collection app possible.


Know what processes you’ll do on the field. Check the features and functions of the field data collection app before you go with your final pick. Some come with all the bells and whistles while others are all about the basics and zero frills. If you’re going to monitor the data over time, the app should be able to store historical information, says ICTworks.


What do you need from your data collection tool? If you want something that’s flexible, a web-enabled database is a suitable option. That should make it easy to export any data you need and makes for an excellent management tool. Tip: Just keep in mind to look for a software that supports PC as well as Mac platforms, Inc. says.  The last thing you want is for incompatibility issues to arise.


You’ll have to consider the level of training and skills of your staff before you choose an app. There’s no sense in investing in a tool that’s only going to bog them down and sap their productivity.  A centralized tool might be a good fit. It will take longer to learn but could provide you with better user adoption in the long run.


These days, plenty of organizations are improving the way they do business with mobile and cloud technologies. By opting for mobile data collection solutions, you can reduce operational expenses with ease. With a reliable field data collection software, companies can enjoy convenience, rendered at incredibly low cost.

Your pick

Tools like FReD from 360 Field Reporting hit the mark if you want something that’s cost-effective, with a user-friendly interface and slews of useful functions and features. It’s cloud-based so you won’t need to wait for the team to get to the office. Data collected could be delivered and examined in real time. It also allows you to customize forms and user access, map to region and territory, design projects and campaigns as well as capture signatures, photos and receipts. Whatever your industry is, this is a great addition to your roster of tools.


With convenient mobile data collection solutions, you can easily cut down on operational costs and provide your team with the tools they require to improve your company’s growth and ROI.

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