4 Major Questions you should ask While Interviewing a Magento Developer

By on February 1, 2017

The way to succeed of the online shop depends on how efficiently you are able to construct it. User-ambiance, functionality, Search engine optimization-ambiance and many other factors have the effect of the prosperity of your web website. Thus, selecting the eCommerce platform is an important phase of development. Magento is easily the most effective platform and suggested selection of developers for eCommerce development. However, things certainly be productive if you select the best Magento developer for the eCommerce website too.

Set of skills and understanding of the developer greatly modify the efficiency of the website and therefore, while interviewing a developer it might be essential to check his credibility appropriately. Keeping this in your mind, here are the important inquiries to know prior to hiring a developer.


Question 1: Is the company familiar with Magento eCommerce development?

One of the leading questions you should ask a developer is whether or not he’s a good experience to utilize Magento development projects or otherwise. Magento is usually an intricate software which, certainly requires relevant experience to make certain the project does not really go to town the center while addressing the technical challenges. Bear in mind, the developer has seem experience to utilize various kinds of projects and remain prepared to face various technical challenges.

Question 2: Is the way you work focussed on quality?

Quality is one thing of finest importance while creating a Magento online shop. Thus, while selecting the best developer for the web design project, it’s ideal to help keep some the QA methods adopted by him to check the entire process of quality management. In addition, search for that certifications and accreditation achieved through the developer to understand about his degree of credibility.


Question 3: How effective is the mode of communication?

Effective communication is really a major requisite to hold an even relation between your team of developers and stakeholders. Thus, make certain they have a highly effective communication mechanism for connecting using their clients. Beginning in the first project meeting to the delivery, constant communication using the project managers, team of developers and account managers is essential.

Question 4: Would you offer publish-development support?

Publish-development support is essential to handle the bugs and challenges before the eCommerce site goes live. While thinking about complexities of the platform, it can make the best sense to possess extensive support for the publish development needs such that you don’t need to be affected by and functionality or technical trouble in the future course.

Developing an eCommerce store operated by Magento is unquestionably a challenging task because this platform requires deep technical expertise. Thus, for making minor changes and enhancements, the set of skills of the developer is essential.

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